Student Organizations: Recognition

Policy regarding the formation of new student groups

All organizations at BSU must follow certain recognition procedures. Recognition makes an organization an official entity of the University. Recognized organizations fall into the following categories and are governed by associated rules and policies:

  • Department Sponsored- are sponsored by an academic unit or administrative department within the university which is responsible for the activities, funding and support of the group.
  • Student Interest Groups- supported by the Center for Student Engagement, these groups may not sponsor events, fundraisers or activities outside of meetings. 
  • Aspirational Student Organizations- supported by the Center for Student Engagement, these groups are seeking recognition in order to sponsor events and fundraisers, and to apply for funding.
  • Registered Student Organizations- supported by the Center for Student Engagement, these groups have access to reserve space for meetings and events on campus and may be eligible for make funding requests, among other privileges as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.
  • Social Fraternity or Sorority- supported by the Center for Student Engagement, these organizations have access to the same privileges as Registered Student Organizations and must abide by the policies of the Student Organization Handbook and the Fraternity & Sorority Life Handbook.
  • Club Sports- supported by Athletics and Recreation, these organizations are eligible to participate in competitive activities with other institutions and have access to campus facilities to support their activities. 

The process for registering educates organizations about their roles and responsibilities on campus and ensure continuity of the organization from semester to semester.

To be considered a Registered Student Organization, the organization must complete the initial or registration process as outlined by the Center for Student Engagement. As part of this process, the Student Government Association (SGA) will review the charter of an organization and make a recommendation to the Dean of Students or their designee for full recognition. 

Recognized Student Organizations are eligible to apply for funding through the Student Government Association according to the policies and processes of the SGA.

In order to form a new organization or reactivate one which has been inactive for at least one year, interested students must follow the Aspirational Student Organization registration procedure. Students interested in forming a new group, or reactivating a previously existing, but currently inactive group, can complete the application available on the Involvement Network, or may meet with a staff member in the Center for Student Engagement.

To maintain recognition, Registered Student Organizations must maintain contact with the Center for Student Engagement each semester, and complete the re-registration process each fall. Re-registration opens in April with all steps being completed by October 1 of the same year.

Failure to meet deadlines associated with re-registration may release previously reserved room reservations, freeze club accounts, their ability to spend, and all privileges associated with being a registered organization.

Once an organization is recognized, it is critical that members understand the expectations and responsibilities associated with being an organization at BSU. All organizations, including its members and officers, must abide by all University policies, as well as those outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.

Whether through member recruitment or event planning, organizations have a responsibility to their members and the community. Thorough knowledge of Center for Student Engagement and SGA policies and procedures can help promote safe, productive, and fun activities and resources for BSU students. 

Guidelines for withdrawal of Recognition:
Recognition may be withdrawn if:

  • The organization's activities are not deemed conducive to the usual conduct of life in a university community
  • The group has presented advocacy of views directed toward inciting or producing imminent lawless action
  • The group has failed to show a willingness to comply with reasonable university regulations including use of facilities, approval of events, use of funds, departmental guidelines or recruiting policies
  • The organization engages in any unlawful, disruptive or harassing activities or behavior
  • The organization fails to register with its sponsoring department for two consecutive semesters
  • A recommendation is made by a governing organization (i.e. Inter-Fraternity Council, Panhellenic Association, SGA, etc.)
  • A request for voluntary "moratorium" is submitted by a student organization

Updated 8/2023 by Christina McCauley, Executive Director and Matt Miller, Director, Center for Student Engagement