Support for Students with Medical or Psychological Needs

Physical and Psychological Health Problems - Help is Available

The university strongly urges students to seek professional help for physical or psychological health problems. Consulting in a confidential manner with one of the health services or counseling professionals on campus can help students assess whether they have a mild or moderate problem or a more serious issue, as well as how to deal with the issue. An important step in addressing any problem is to first become aware of one's behavior and its impact on one's life.

Medical and Counseling Services

The university provides a range of support services to address the medical and mental health needs of students. Counseling Services (508.531.1331) provides confidential appointments for assessment, counseling, and referrals. Health Services (508.531.1252) provides confidential appointments for medical support and referrals. The Wellness Center holds the following business hours during the academic year:

Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm

For assistance with medical concerns after hours, please call the Bridgewater State University Police Department (BSUPD) at 508.531.1212. Please know that calls made to 911 will be routed to the State Police, and not to the BSUPD. For assistance with mental health concerns after hours, please call Counseling Services (508.531.1331) and select option #2 to speak with a clinician on call.

In an on-campus emergency always call BSUPD at (508.531.1212). Please know that calls made to 911 from a cell phone will be routed to the State Police, and not to the BSUPD.

Mandatory Assessments

If a university health care professional or police officer determines that a failure to hospitalize a student would create a likelihood of serious harm, a student may be required to be evaluated at a hospital or other facility. This is in accordance with applicable Massachusetts law.  Health care professionals include, but are not limited to: a physician, qualified psychiatric nurse, qualified psychologist, licensed mental health counselor, or a licensed independent clinical social worker.   Examples of serious risk may include, but are not limited to, suicidal behavior/ideation; threats to others; hallucinations/delusions; symptoms of serious mood disorders; serious eating disorders and serious psychoactive substance use disorders.

Return from Emergency Treatment

When a student returns to the university from the hospital for an emergency assessment or treatment or is hospitalized for a period of time, the student is encouraged to visit the BSU Wellness Center to help the student determine their readiness to resume studies and successfully return to the university community.

The Wellness Center professional will consult with the student to review the best currently available medical information, treatment plans, and other relevant information regarding student’s individual circumstances. The student will be asked to sign releases necessary to permit communication between relevant health and mental health professionals, including the student’s health and mental health care providers, applicable Wellness Center professionals, and other appropriate university administrators.

The Wellness Center professional may consult with appropriate university administrators regarding the student’s return. The Wellness Center professional may provide recommendations to other university departments to enable the student’s successful return to studies and safe participation in the university community.  The Wellness Center professional will discuss any such recommendations with the student. In the event that the student does not agree to the recommendations, or return at that time is not recommended, then the Associate Vice President of the Divison for Student Life or their designee may discuss withdrawal options with the student.  Information regarding university and course withdrawal options is available in the catalog.

Reviewed 8/2023 by Dr. Christopher Frazer, Executive Director, Wellness Center & Donna Schiavo, Clinical Director, Counseling Services, Wellness Center