Full-time to Part-time Status Policy

Students who find themselves reducing their course credit to part-time status need to be aware of the implications of this change. It is important to know that a change to part-time status can affect participation for intercollegiate athletics eligibility, on-campus housing, financial aid, health insurance and student leadership positions. Please refer to the sections in the handbook that discuss full-time to part-time status that are highlighted below. We strongly recommend that if you have any questions regarding these areas that you contact the individual departments directly.

  • Financial Aid Policies (Financial Aid Office), Ext. 1341
  • Health Insurance (Health Services, Wellness Center), Ext. 1252
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Eligibility (Athletics and Recreation), Ext. 1352
  • Residential Life Policies (Office of Residence Life and Housing), Ext. 1277
  • Student Clubs and Organization: Membership Requirements (Office of Student Involvement and Leadership), Ext. 1273

Reviewed 8/2019 by Denine M. Rocco, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management