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This BSU Student Handbook is a guide to students' rights, responsibilities and resources.

Study Abroad Information and Requirements


While participating in study abroad or study away programs offered by BSU Study Abroad, students are to comply with the university rules and regulations as described in this handbook.  All study abroad students must conduct themselves in accordance to BSU guidelines, host institution policies, and in accordance to all laws of the host country.

Study Abroad Program Types

BSU Travel Courses

BSU Travel Courses are faculty-led, short-term 3-credit courses open to all BSU students.  As program requirements and space permits, BSU visiting students and BSU community members are welcome to apply.  Students pay a program fee which includes course credit, accommodation, some meals, program related activities and airfare.  Travel Courses are offered during winter, spring and summer with travel during university breaks.  Courses focus on specific academic disciplines and each course incorporates lectures, excursions and field trips to give students the opportunity to explore and learn about the host country/culture and academic topics.

Semester Abroad Exchange Programs

Students pay BSU tuition and fees for the academic term or year abroad and living costs to the host university. Proficiency in the host language may be required, though there are many universities around the world in which the language of instruction is English. Students will earn BSU transfer credit for their work upon successful completion of the program and relevant departmental approvals. Exchange programs are available for all majors, though some may be restricted to a specific department or school. Students are responsible for paying for flights, housing at the host school, books, food, travel, etc. in addition to BSU tuition and fees.

BSU International Student Teaching Programs

Students participate in a 7-8 week student teaching experience at one of our BSU School of Education Exchange Partners. Students pay tuition and fees to BSU and living expenses onsite. Each placement site is different but students typically work Monday through Friday and follow the BSU Student Teaching Schedule. Fall international teaching placements occur during the 2nd quarter and spring international teaching placements occur during the 4th quarter.

BSU Summer Programs

BSU summer study abroad programs are offered in a variety of academic topics including several foreign languages and in a variety of countries including England, Ireland, China, South Korea, Italy and Jordan.  Annual program offerings and program brochures are available online and at the Study Abroad Office.

Affiliate Study Abroad Provider Programs

Approved participants do not pay BSU tuition to participate in these programs offered by foreign universities or study abroad organizations that have an official agreement with BSU. Instead students pay an affiliate program fee, which includes tuition and may include additional expenses such as accommodation, meals, in-country orientations, airport pick-up, insurance, overnight excursions, and local field trips as part of a comprehensive program package. These programs are offered for semesters, summer sessions and the academic year.  Students participating in partnership and affiliate programs may be taking courses with students from the host country, or only with other American or international students. Students receive transfer credit for all partnership and affiliate programs upon successful completion of the program and relevant departmental approvals.  Students must apply through the BSU Study Abroad Office for approval to participate in an affiliate study abroad program.

Application Process

There are study abroad programs available for all students (freshmen – graduate) in god academic standing at BSU:  a minimum GPA 2.5 for travel courses and a minimum GPA 2.75 for semester or year programs.  Application requirements vary by program and some programs have additional requirements and prerequisites.  Update information is available on the Study Abroad website and at the office.

1. Complete the Online Application. Be sure to submit all required materials

2. Once approved and accepted by Study Abroad, complete your Study Abroad Enrollment and submit required materials.  The enrollment process varies depending on the study abroad program type and students will be provided with specific instructions.


Fees and payment schedules vary depending on the study abroad program.  Specific program costs and expenses are available at the Study Abroad office and website.

Funding Your Study Abroad Program

Consider these funding sources to pay for your study abroad program:

  1.  Personal Savings:  Student provides from work, parents/family, savings etc:  Your savings, earnings from work, and family are a significant source of funds for these international educational experiences.
  2.  Scholarships: There are several BSU study abroad scholarships and a variety of off-campus scholarships available.  Updated information is available on the Study Abroad website.
  3. Financial Aid: Contact your Financial Aid Office (at BSU it is 508.531.2685) to see if you can get a loan for a study abroad program. Funding depends on individual circumstances and may be secured by several sources.  

Contact Information

Study Abroad Office

Maxwell Library, Room 330 (Moving to Davis House, 25 Park Terrace on 9/25/17)


Phone: 508-531-6183                                                                  


Updated 8/2017 by Mike Sandy, Study Abroad Office

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