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This BSU Student Handbook is a guide to students' rights, responsibilities and resources.

Posting Guidelines

Campus Posting Guidelines

The posting of signs, flyers and posters by students or others is permitted at designated locations throughout the campus, subject to the following guidelines:

  • Individual building or area managers may set reasonable posting policies governing the use of any bulletin boards, outdoor kiosks or other posting areas within their areas of responsibility.

  • In any area that is not under the jurisdiction of a particular university department, including all outdoor areas, the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management or designee will make a determination regarding the posting request in accordance with these guidelines.

  • Academic department bulletin boards are for the department's exclusive use in connection with its academic and related programs. Bulletin boards in classrooms fall under the jurisdiction of academic departments and are also for the department's exclusive use in connection with their academic and related programs.

  • Signs, flyers and posters should be posted for a period not exceeding three weeks. The sponsoring individual or organization of an event has the primary responsibility for removing promotional information within 48 hours after an event.

  • All signs, flyers and posters to be posted on campus must not contain any obscene sexual content. Postings may not be misleading, advertise or promote the use of alcohol and/or illegal substances, or promote engagement in other illegal activities.

  • All postings must clearly indicate the full name of the sponsoring individual or organization.

  • The posting of paper with tape on sidewalks or using any kind of paint or other permanent marking on sidewalks is not permitted.

  • No posting is allowed on windows, doors, walls, floors, trees, trash cans, lamp posts, building markers, bus shelters or other surfaces that are not designated for such purposes.

  • Unless otherwise specified by the responsible department or area head, posters are not to exceed 11" by 17" in size.

  • Posting is limited to one poster per bulletin board.

  • Lawn signs may be permitted in traditional or designated public forums for special events or occasions where appropriate, depending on the size of the sign and whether any physical damage to campus grounds will occur as a result of the use of the sign. Requests will be considered by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management or designee in consultation with the director of physical plant. The permissible content of the sign is governed by other portions of this policy.

  • Banners are allowed in some locations, but must be approved by the vice president for student affairs or designee. Special care must be taken not to damage or injure trees.

  • The university reserves the right to remove any sign, poster, flyer or banner which does not comply with any provision of these guidelines.

  • Bulletin boards and similar amenities within a residence hall are available only for use by university officials and students who are residents of the residence hall. Posting in residence halls must be approved in advance by the Director of Residence Life and Housing (or designee).  Door-to-door distribution or posting of printed material is not allowed.

F. Enforcement of Policy

This policy will be enforced by officers of the Bridgewater State University Police Department or other university staff members according to their particular areas of responsibility.

G. Violations of Policy

Campus community members who engage in activities in violation of this policy may be subject to administrative disciplinary action. Nonaffiliated persons may be subject to relocation or removal from campus. Any participant in disruptive or otherwise illegal activity may face criminal charges and the payment of damages, etc.

H. Appeal

Any person who believes that his or her rights as stated in this policy have been violated may file a complaint with the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. In the event that a decision made personally by the Vice President is at issue, appeal may be made through the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management to the president of the university, whose determination shall be final.

rev. 3/2/2010

Updated August 2017 by Beth Moriarty, Residence Life and Housing

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